Alia Kay

amateur artist

reiki hands art


I have done so many different things in my life. I was a metallurgical engineer in Russia, working on rockets and jet turbines. I worked at Washington State University researching laser materials and semiconductors. All my life I was driven to alternative healing systems. I raised my kids using herbs for their colds, ancient tales to calm them down, I would do a little ceremony to get rid of warts, allergies, fevers, etc. I was using Jin Shin Shiatsu (another healing touch therapy) for years. I love yoga, meditation, crystals, painting, and languages. A few years ago I went to London to get my education to be an esthetician. It was my partner in the hands-on practice part of the training who gave me my first Reiki treatment after my facial. Right then I knew that it was what I was looking for. I did lots of research. I traveled to Kauai just to get to know the place where Mrs. Takata started her introduction of Reiki to Western culture. I had my Reiki 1 and 2 level in New York. I got my Reiki master training in Kauai, a place where it just feels right for Reiki to exist; it was a very special place. Finally, in September 2013 I finally came full circle and finished with Karuna Reiki taught by William Rand. After all I spent time in Kyoto (Japan) where I visited Kuramayama, birthplace of Reiki. I have a very special relationship with Reiki. I healed myself of lots of negativity, to this day my life is changing and shifting, I feel like something great and wonderful is replacing my fears, my stressful life, and my doubtful feelings. It is easier to breathe, to trust, to let go. Actually knowing physics and engineering helped me to deeply understand how energies work. And the science of crystals showed me why Reiki and crystals work together in such a powerful way. Visit me Reiki website

I always like to learn new things. I started painting in 2010. I learned a couple of new languages, I am learning a lot about nutrition, and I am learning to be present and happy every moment of my life. 

Painting was always for me a healing tool. It was easier to express myself in art than explaining it to my family and friends. I didn't take any art lessons in my life. Occasionally I'll paint with a group of people and go back to painting alone. 

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